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Ford 5.9 361 Basic Long Block 1964-1978 Heavy Duty Truck
Price $1,395.00
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This MABBCO® Remanufactured Basic Long Block is for a Ford 6.4 361 motor, model years 1964-1978. This motor was commonly used in Heavy Duty Truck applications.

Turnaround time for rebuilding your long block is approximately 3 days. MABBCO® long blocks include NEW pistons, piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, cam bearings, timing set, freeze plugs, gasket set, oil pump, and lifters. MABBCO® Premium Long Block are Spin Tested on a Computerized Engine test stand for proper oil pressure. Price based on customer supplying a rebuildable core.

MABBCO® Remanufactured Basic Long Blocks carry a 90 Day/4,000mi Product Only Limited Warranty (No Labor or Shipping Allowance). Call or see Limited Warranty for details.

All long blocks sold on an exchange or R & R basis. Core deposit required. Prices subject to change without notice.