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GM Chevy Buick 3.8 231 Crankshaft Crank Kit 1995-2009

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This MABBCO crankshaft kit is for a GM Chevy Buick 3.8231, model years 1995-2009.  This crankshaft is identifiable by its #2170 casting number and was commonly used in vehicles, such as, the Impala and Camero.  MABBCO crankshafts are cleaned, inspected, and ground on a world-class Italian  crankgrinder.  Crankshafts are then micro-polished and are ready for  installation.  MABBCO crankshaft kits come complete with matching rod  and main bearings.  MABBCO crankshaft kits are sold outright (No Core Return  Required). 

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Need some Clevite Bearing  guard? Available for an additional $10.00 (8oz.  bottle). 


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