Engine and Cylinder Head Core Policy

Any core returned for credit must be rebuildable and meet the following conditions:

The old casting must be free of cracked, welded, or broken components and include all core components including but not limited to the main bearing caps. Missing main bearing caps make an engine core worthless. Customer should check for broken crank-shaft, broken camshaft(s), and broken connecting rods. All of these are visible.

All engine or cylinder head castings must be the same YEAR(s), MAKE and MODEL that was purchased and the cylinder head must match the block. No swapping one type of core for another. For example:

1.      A 350 Chevrolet with a 4-bolt main must be exchanged for the same year(s) 350 Chevrolet 4-bolt main. We will not accept a 305, a 350 Chevrolet 2-bolt main, or an Oldsmobile 350 for a 350 Chevrolet with a 4-bolt main.

2.      A 350 block with 305 cylinder heads is a mismatch that renders the cylinder heads and the block useless to MABBCO.

C.      Junk yard or rusty engines and cylinder heads are not acceptable.

D.     A piston rod, camshaft(s), valve train components(s) and/or crankshaft that is defective will be deducted from the core refund due the customer, based on MABBCO’s current component prices.

E.      Old casting must be free of “Hot” main journal locations.

      For example: Burned (black appearance) main journals due to lack of oil pressure.

F.      The old casting must be returned for credit within thirty (30) days of invoice or we will assume the replacement was sold outright and remove it from our records of engines or cylinder heads on which deposits can be credited.

G.      We will not be responsible for items left in or on old blocks (lifters, oil pumps, oil pump bolts, oil pump drive rods, oil screens, timing covers and bolts, harmonic balancers and bolts, oil pans, dipsticks, dipstick tubes, fuel pump eccentrics, woodruff keys, etc).      

H.     A block that will not bore to a standard size and a crankshaft that will not turn to a standard size for the engine is not rebuildable.