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Marine & AutomotiveRemanufactured Engines 

Quality You Can Trust. Prices You Can Afford.

Since 1964, MABBCO Motors has provided quality, affordable short block & long block engines, engine rebuild kits, engine parts, and remanufactured marine and auto motors. MABBCO engines are machined, assembled, and tested in our Tyler, TX shop by experienced technicians. Each of our machinists and engine specialists works to ensure MABBCO provides you with a quality engine for an affordable price.

MABBCO’s long and short and built to order and shipped coast-to-coast.

Save big when you order with MABBCO.

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Remanufactured Automotive Engines

We machine and build long and short block engines in common displacements: 350 short blocks, 350 long blocks, 383 short blocks, and more. Each new MABBCO engine comes with a limited warranty.

Our inventory includes remanufactured & rebuilt engines for use in late model and classic cars, and we offer them in both short blocks and long blocks.

Remanufactured Short Block Engines

MABBCO's one of the only retailers to offer such a wide selection of remanufactured short block motors. From late model to classic, our machinists and technicians custom remanufacturer your order with the parts you have specified.

Remanufactured Long Block Engines

MABBCO's remanufactured and rebuilt long block engines feature a fully remanufactured crankshaft and cylinder heads. They're practically ready to drop under the hood when they arrive at your shop.

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Remanufactured Marine Engines

Our selection of long and short blocks for marine inboard motors features most major domestic manufacturers. Marine rebuild kits are also available.

Remanufactured Marine Short Block Engines

MABBCO's one of the few retailers in the country that offer quality machined, remanufactured marine short blocks. MABBCO ships rebuilt marine engines to locations within the continental United States.

Remanufactured Marine Long Block Engines

MABBCO's remanufactured long block motors come with remanufactured core components and new pistons, rings, bearings, timing set, and gaskets. No core exchange is required, and we ship to locations within the continental United States.

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New and Rebuilt Engine Kits

MABBCO stocks new and rebuild master engine kits for automobiles and marine motors. Each engine kit comes with new pistons, rings, bearings, and more, as specified in each engine kit listing.

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Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

MABBCO offers remanufactured crankshaft kits that normally include rod and main bearings. Our inventory includes a wide range of crankshafts, are reground, polished, and ready for you to install.

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Remanufactured Crankshaft Kits

MABBCO offers remanufactured crankshaft kits that normally include rod and main bearings. Our inventory includes a wide range of crankshafts, are reground, polished, and ready for you to install.

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Other Engine Parts

MABBCO also stocks timing sets, engine gasket sets, and valve lifters—the parts you need to for an engine rebuild.

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Short Block vs. Long Block

Looking for a replacement engine and unsure whether to get a short block or long block engine? The engine specialists at MABBCO can help you decide which is right for you.

They’ll work with your goals for the vehicle and to help you get what you want, whether with budget or performance parts.

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Affordable Engines. Decades of Experience.

MABBCO has been machining quality, affordable engines, and engine parts for over 50 years. Each MABBCO engine is built in the United States by experienced machinists and technicians. Each engine is machined, tested, and assembled by machinists and engine techs with decades of combined experience.

MABBCO purchases quality automotive parts. We purchase our parts in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers. When you buy engine or engine parts from MABBCO, you know that the parts have been looked over carefully and selected by a company with many years of engine-building experience.

Dedicated to Precision

Each MABBCO MOTOR is assembled with PRIDE by an experienced builder. MABBCO MOTORS are tested and checked to assure proper assembly.

With a MABBCO engine, you can rest assured that prior to shipment your engine was tested and checked by MABBCO’s staff.

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Great prices!

Foxbody L.

Great engine I almost didn't order due to reviews but I'm happy I did. And will again by the way u will not beat the price no were

TomandTiva V.

Did a 10/10 engine for my boat...i recommend them.

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